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“Capote presents his own views on the case, its principals, and in particular he discusses the new literary art form which he calls the nonfiction novel…”

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#WWCD Here at 1966, Truman Capote is one of our major icons, as his publication of In Cold Blood played a big part in forging the modern genre of Creative Nonfiction (understanding that ‘creative nonfiction’ has also been around since we started telling each other stories around a fire). Once in a while, we’ll post Twitter contests, silliness, or interesting articles with the hashtag #WWCD or #WhatWouldCapoteDo, just because we think Truman would find them fun.

Read this archived interview of Truman Capote by another nonfiction demigod, George Plimpton. From January 16, 1966’s New York TimesCapote Discusses the Story Behind Nonfiction Novel

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