1966 is a collaboration among these people:


Kelly Grey Carlisle’s memoir, We Are All Shipwrecks, is forthcoming from Sourcebooks. Her creative nonfiction appears in Ploughshares, Salon, The New England Review, The Sun, River TeethSubtropics, and The Rumpus. She is an Assistant Professor of English at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas.

Managing Editor

Julia Camp is a writer from Houston, Texas, who enjoys writing both fiction and nonfiction. In her free time, she works on her novel and engages on her greatest passion next to writing: soccer, which she has played competitively. Her favorite writers are Tim O’Brien, Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Richard Flanagan, and Louise Erdrich.

Web Editor

Brian Holmes is a writer from McAllen, Texas who explores the expression of contemporary thought and loss across cultures, through various genres and literary-periods. In his spare time, he plays the piano, swims competitively, and studies foreign languages. He aspires to be a scholar in Slavic Studies, and so draws inspiration not only from contemporary writers like Celeste Ng and Jeannette Walls, but also Alexander Pushkin and Ivan Turgenev.

Associate Editors

Miranda Moyle was raised in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, and currently lives in San Antonio, TX. She has worked as an editorial assistant for The Expositor, a journal of undergraduate research in the humanities department, and has published selected pieces of poetry. She is interested in a variety of literary fields– including a range from Old English to 17th century puritan sermons to the short stories of Flannery O’Connor.

Kara Killinger is a writer from Houston, Texas, who is fascinated by the way words can make the familiar strange and the strange familiar. When she isn’t scribbling in her journal, you might find her swing dancing or checking out new podcasts. She admires a range of writers from John Darnielle to Elizabeth Bishop.

Georgie Riggs is a writer from Texas. She writes poetry and creative non-fiction. In her free time, she watches Barefoot Contessa. 

Sarah Wysocki, born and raised in Austin, Texas, isn’t much of a music person, but she definitely is a reader and writer person. She enjoys reading nonfiction, fantasy, and science fiction. In her free time, she likes to cook, play soccer, and have deep conversations with her cat. Though she is an avid literary, she loves to game. Video games, board games, card games, and the like. She draws inspiration from this hobby to drive the worlds and themes in her novels.

All staff members read submissions and work on issue design.

Founding Editors

Mallory Conder
Paul Cuclis
Michael Garatoni
Spenser Stevens
Matt Stieb

1966: A Journal of Creative Nonfiction is published with the support of Trinity University of San Antonio, Texas and its English Department.