Submission Opportunity: True Story, a new publication from The Creative Nonfiction Foundation

Now here’s a cool opportunity: the foundation behind Creative Nonfiction—one of our very best and most prestigious CNF publications—has established a new publication. True Story will feature just one piece per issue, the guarantee being that this one piece will be a work of exceptional quality. Submissions will be accepted year-round, and The Creative Nonfiction Foundation will attempt to respond to submissions within three months.

The guidelines are simple: the piece must be unpublished, fall between 3500 and 7000 words, any style or subject is acceptable so long as the piece is nonfiction, and multiple submissions are welcome. Pieces may either be mailed or submitted online (though there is a $3 convenience fee for the latter).

If their piece is chosen, the author will receive $300, ten free copies of the issue, and an impressive credit to their resume.

For more information, click here.

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