We’re so new that we’ve yet to develop our submission guidelines. This means fewer rules for you, and perhaps that isn’t such a bad thing.

So here’s what you need to know for now…

All submissions should be creative nonfiction that has a research component. This might be travel writing or science writing or writing about a phenomenon (think McPhee’s Oranges or Roach’s Spook). Or, it might be a personal essay that includes both personal rumination and information gathered through research (think, perhaps, of Dinty Moore’s “Son of Mr. Green Jeans” or Anthony Farrington’s “Kissing”).  It might be immersion memoir or immersion journalism or literary journalism or…we’re pretty flexible. Surprise us.

There is no page limit or word count. That being said, we’re not interested in publishing books.We’d love to publish a mix of flash pieces and longer, sustained ones.

We accept simultaneous submissions, but not multiple submissions. Please only send one piece and refrain from sending again until you’ve heard about the first piece.

All submissions should be unpublished work.

We’ll start reading submissions August 1st. You can send them to or

1966 Journal
c/o Kelly Grey Carlisle
Trinity University English Dept.
One Trinity Place
San Antonio TX 78212

We’ll do our best to get you a decision in 4-8 weeks.
Although 1966 is an online journal,  it will be edited as stringently as a print journal. The magazine will be designed and published through ISSUU, so the online reading experience will resemble a print magazine as closely as possible.

You will retain the rights to your work.

We can’t pay you, except in oranges…and you’d probably need to stop by our offices to collect. This is a way of saying that we’d like to pay you, but we’re not there yet. Any work you submit to us would be a gift from you to this journal and its/your readers–and we appreciate it. Thank you.